iRASTE NXT Conference is organized jointly by CSIR-CRRIINAI@IIIT-H, and Intel. The conference will showcase a roadmap for accelerating the 4Es of Road Safety with next-gen predictive technology, like AI & Data Analytics.

The main thrust of accident prevention worldwide has been on the 4Es. iRASTE projects which integrated AI solutions into the existing 4Es framework for Road Safety have led to faster implementations and accurate monitoring. iRASTE NXT symbolizes the vision to convert India’s roads to “Intelligent रासतें” within this decade.

4Es of Road Safety – (i) Education; (ii) Engineering; (iii) Enforcement; (iv) Emergency care.

Project iRASTE was conceptualized in 2021 to accelerate the use of AI in Road Safety. iRASTE projects in Nagpur & Telangana piloted ADAS & DMS for public transport buses and introduced driver safety scores. Today, iRASTE is India’s most extensive and longest-running study of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for commercial vehicles. This represents a new approach to driver skilling and vehicle crash reduction while reducing the dependence on classroom training.

Greyspot mapping was introduced to predict infrastructure risks. Today it can take up to 3 years to identify a potential Blackspot. Greyspot Mapping has reduced the time to report a potential Blackspot to just 3 months.

Highlights of the iRASTE NXT Conference

  • Marquee presentations on notable projects around the world, integrating technology with the 4E framework for Road Safety
  • Report release of key results and new frameworks from Project iRASTE
  • Panel discussion with experts on the ‘4Es with Tech’ roadmap
  • Roundtable with experts from relevant standards organizations to lead the path forward on turning these learnings into policy recommendations.