Join us in the mission to re-imagine Road Safety with the predictive power of AI.

India has one of the largest road networks in the world, and is emerging as the fastest growing network. With more vehicles on the road, safety is now crucial than ever before, and is a major developmental issue and public health concern. To help address this, the Government of India is aiming for a 50% reduction in road fatalities on Indian roads by 2030 that paves the path towards VISION ZERO. As India boosts its road safety quotient, technology will play a transformational role in enabling smarter and safer roads and drivers.

Project iRASTE aims to re-imagine Road Safety with the predictive power of AI. For the first time, AI will act as a force multiplier and transform Road Safety Engineering. Predictive insights generated via AI can prevent accidents even before they happen. Over time, the project expects to impact a 50% decline in road accidents in Nagpur city and Blackspot reduction on the city’s road network.

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A Holistic Approach to Road Safety

Project iRASTE (intelligent Solutions for Road Safety through Technology and Engineering) applies a Safe Systems approach to aspects of Vehicle Safety, Mobility Analysis & Infrastructure Safety.

Vehicle Safety: Driver alerts given 2 seconds prior can be life saving. Improve safety of public & private fleet. Nagpur city buses with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), alongside driver trainings can reduce incidents by up to 60%.

Continuously monitor dynamic risks on the entire Nagpur road network for preventive maintenance.

Infrastructure Safety: AI-powered continuous monitoring for improved RoI. Design engineering fixes for existing road blackspots in Nagpur. Continuously monitor Infrastructure quality to deliver improved RoI of Road Infrastructure maintenance.

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Project iRASTE is a unique partnership of industry, academia and government and is driven by Government of Telangana, TSRTC, INAI, IIIT-Hyderabad, Uber and Intel.

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iraste telangana Partners
iraste telangana Partners
iraste telangana Partners
iraste telangana Partners
iraste telangana Partners


Project iRASTE is expected to generate impactful outcomes in the following areas:

  • Target decline in Highway crashes due to multi-pronged crash prevention measures (i.e. Collision Avoidance Technology, Driver Monitoring Solutions, Driver Training Programs, Grey spot maps and awareness Programs, Black spot remedial action plans)
  • Enable TRSRTC as a leader in implementing Road Safety and Mobility planning measures leveraging AI & ADAS devices. The focus will be on TSRTC fleet plying on the highways as they constitute only 5% of the road network in India, but contribute to 55% of the accidents.
  • Publish first-of-its-kind dynamic Road Safety Index and Road Quality Index developed for Highways in the country, thus driving a data-driven Mobility & Infrastructure management framework.
  • Formulate blueprint regarding use of Artificial Intelligence as a force multiplier to achieve India’s Road Safety & Mobility goals.
  • Publish case study and/or technical papers in global forums & publications
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